Introducing the Guardmine

Your portable, 365 days-a-year,
all-in-one security companion!

The Guardmine is an app controlled, portable safe and surveillance unit that enables you to protect what matters while you are on the go.  Use the alarm protected safe to securely store your belongings or check in on your home with the integrated surveillance camera while you are away – the Guardmine offers you a wide array of features in one compact, durable and stylish case. 

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Sleek, stylish and full of vibes - as long as you don't activate it!

Close the cover and arm your mine!

Once armed, don't dare to touch it! The built-in motion sensor will trigger the alarm at the volume of a jetplane taking off.

There's so much more it can do -
check out all of the features!

Safe & Alarm

The Guardmine is a portable, code locked safe with a built-in, motion-sensor activated alarm function.


It includes a durable, high quality bluetooth speaker that can also be connected to your favorite music streaming service.

Power Bank

To make sure you don’t run out of power, the Guardmine has a built-in power bank that can be used to charge your devices.

Surveillance Cam

The Guardmine features a camera with motion detection capabilities, allowing you to use it as a portable surveillance system.

Baby Phone

Thanks to its camera and microphone, the Guardmine can be used as a baby phone as well.

Compact Design

It is lightweight, durable and fully functional without a key – making it a perfect travel companion.

Don't Touch Me !

Safe & Alarm

The Guardmine allows you to easily keep your belongings safe while you are on the go! Store them away securely in the box, lock it and activate the alarm. As soon as the box is moved, an alarm sound will go off – deterring anyone from taking your belongings. Enjoy unburdened experiences with your family, friends or significant other !

Dance, Dance, Dance!

Bluetooth Speaker

The Guardmine features a powerful bluetooth speaker that can be connected to your phone or linked to a number of music streaming services. 

Turn up the volume and dance away to your favorite songs. The Guardmine is built for the outdoors, so take it with you to the beach and be the one to start the party!

Unleash the Power!

Power Bank

The Guardmine also doubles up as a long-lasting power bank that lets you charge your phone while keeping it safe.

Home Safe Home

Surveillance Camera

The camera function has motion detection capabilities and will notify you on your phone if someone is intruding while you are out and about. Set your Guardmine up at home, if you are traveling or leave it at your hotel room to keep an eye on things while you are away.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star ...

Baby Phone

Thanks to the integrated camera and microphone, the Guardmine can be used as a Baby Phone and allows you to keep an eye on your little ones. Leave the Guardmine in your hotel room and watch over your kids sleeping while you are still enjoying a glass of wine at the hotel bar.

Take Me There!

Compact Design

The Guardmine has been designed with your convenience in mind! It is lightweight, durable and fully functional without a key – making it a perfect travel companion. The complete range of features can be controlled trough one intuitive mobile app.

Let's Fall In Love!

Timeless design enhancing
your lifestyle!

The Guardmine is not only versatile in its features but is also very design conscious and comes in a variety of color combinations to best fit your style and personality. Are you more of an understated, elegant type or are you looking for something bold and eye-catching? 

Check out the designs that are currently available.

Curious? Discover the full feature set!