The development process

The Guardmine development process essentially follows the APQP process (Advanced Product Quality Planning), which is an essential part of advanced quality planning and total quality management. This product development process is subdivided into maturity levels 1 to 5.

After the basic specification phase in maturity level 1, the design phase follows in maturity level 2. This phase forms the transition from the concept phase to the constructive design approval, the design freeze. This development phase is secured by means of prototypes, which are iteratively tested and analysed in the SLA process (stereolithography). The challenges here include the integration of all required components and assemblies, considering the limitations of the shaping industrial design, the technical implementation of the mechanical functions (e.g., locking) and the influence resulting from production-related production processes.

For the latter, the DFM (Design for Manufacturing) plays an essential role in the finalization of this phase. Maturity level 3 quantifies the phase of the production of tool-related components, such as the housing components (housings) made from the plastic injection molding process. The FOT (First of Tool) represents the conclusion and transition of this phase, the milestone in which the components are produced for the first time from the previously created tools.

In maturity level 4, the pre-series productions follow, such as the engineering series and the pilot run for the purpose of identifying (testing) and eliminating (improvement) challenges that may result from the assembly process or specified functions. The completion of this phase is the completed certification, the technical release (technical release) at the component level and the first series production (0 series). Maturity level 5 is for the preparation for large series production (mass production), the release at the product level and the associated SOP (Start of Production) reserved.

Markus Kämpf
Technical Project Lead

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