Music and security – everywhere

With the high-quality, integrated Bluetooth speaker in our Guardmine, you can now add music to all your adventures.

Carefully selected technologies enable you to get the best sound – no matter where you are. In terms of sound, we at Guardmine decided on the compact T1-1815SA loudspeaker module from Tang Band, which gives our mobile safe high-fidelity full-range audio. This ensures that the sound can be played as clean as possible and without any background noise.

The loudspeaker module has a 1-inch aluminium dome broadband driver for detailed reproduction up to 20,000 Hz and an oval passive radiator to generate broadband reproduction with extended low frequencies in the low-frequency range down to 105 Hz.

We use the incredible sound quality of this type of loudspeaker construction for the Guardmine as well as the advantage of being able to do without crossover components in the critical midrange. Furthermore, we rely on the excellent radiation behaviour due to the use of a small driver (without hot spots) for perfect timing.

Tang Band Audio was founded in 1996 and today, thanks to many positive reviews, is renowned in specialist magazines as well as a leading manufacturer of broadband loudspeakers, which are used in their products by the most well-known manufacturers.

So, nothing stands in the way of an unbelievable sound experience.

Markus Kämpf
Technical Project Lead


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