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High Performance Bluetooth Speaker 


Hinge-Mechanism Lock




Touch Screen Control Panel


Guardmine Mobile App 


Durable, Hard to Break Case

A full suite of features enhancing your life!

The Guardmine offers a multitude of features in a compact, stylish and app controlled device. Despite its versatility, it is very easy to set up and use. 

Let's get started!

Get your Guardmine

Buy your Guardmine of our retail partners or in our webshop.

Set up your Account

Download the Guardmine App on your iPhone or Android and set up a user account.

Pair your Phone

Simply pair your Guardmine with your user account by scanning the QR code on the box’ screen.

Once you've got it, you'll never want to miss it!

Safe & Alarm Function

Protect your property and store it away securely while traveling, on the go or at home.

The safe & alarm function can easily be activated on your phone or directly on the box’ touchscreen: simply enter your four digit security code to lock the box seamlessly. For added security, activate the guard mode: the box will emit a 120dB alarm – comparable to a jet plane taking off – when its motion sensor is triggered. 

Speaker Mode

The Guardmine is equipped with a powerful, high-quality bluetooth speaker that lets you enjoy hours of your favorite songs in crystal clear quality wherever you are.

Connect it to your preferred streaming service trough our app or simply use it as a bluetooth speaker for your device when you are offline.

Power on!

The Guardmine has a built-in high-capacity power bank that lets you charge your phone or devices while on the go or while they are locked away safely inside the box.

The battery lasts for hours.

Surveillance Camera

Get a full picture of your home or hotel room while you are on the move. The Guardmine doubles as inconspicuous and reliable surveillance system with a built-in camera and motion detection sensor. 

Set it up, connect it to a wireless network and be discretely alerted to any activity or use the app to check in regularly. 

Baby Phone

Thanks to the included camera and sound detection sensor, you can turn your Guardmine into a Baby Phone. Simply connect it to a wireless network, activate the Baby Phone mode on your app and place the box close to your child. 

Use the app to check on your little one and be notified on your phone if the Guardmine detects increased activity.