Guardmine Safe

The Guardmine Safe version is focused on the most essential function of the Guardmine. The safe safekeeping of your items of high value, like smartphone, keys, money and documents on your trips.   No unnecessary extras, just a smart security concept that makes life much more harder for thieves. Once armed via the display, the Guardmine is like a mine, as soon as an attempt is made to steal it, a 100 decibel loud alarm goes off. This will scare off any casual thief. The box-in-box security concept makes it impossible to quickly crack the Guardmine. Be in control of your items no matter if you are at the beach or on other trips. With Guardmine Safe you have one less thing to worry about on your trips.

Available in autumm 2022.
Pre-order now with price guarantee!


inkl. MwSt.

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